SEA-LV-SD League Socks

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Athletic Moisture Wicking Socks. Fully Cushioned Supportive

We have partnered up with United Rogue and Altoona Gaming for their Gaming Leagues! You can find their leagues on: 

Fortnite, Call of Duty, NHL, NBA 2K and many more!

~For men and women

Shoe size chart:

- SMALL: Youth 3Y-5Y, Ladies 4-6
- MEDIUM: Mens 6-8 Ladies 6-10
- LARGE: Mens 8-12 Ladies 10-13
- XXLARGE: Mens 16+ Ladies 16+  


* All socks are custom made and will have variations in the pattern, no 2 socks will be identical.. Socks may only have 99% Coverage on entire sock!